Malawi is today’s the preferred choice as a location for foreign direct investment. While small in physical size and land locked, Malawi enjoys close proximity and easier access to the nearby seaports of the world. Malawi also enjoys direct air links with major airports in southern Africa region which facilitate the movement of passengers as well as freight.These international airports include; Johannesburg (South Africa), Lusaka (Zambia) and Nairobi (Kenya). There are inter-linkages in telecommunications and road networks which connect with SADC, COMESA regions and beyond. Exporting products from Malawi is made easier by proximity of seaports from neighboring countries.  Malawi is now home to over fifty FDI companies from USA, UK, Japan, China, RSA, and Germany amongst others. These companies operate mainly in the manufacturing and processing sectors, agriculture, tourism, mining and property development.  Malawi as a preferred investment location boasts of skilled and semi-skilled English speaking workforce with the good productivity levels. In addition the country has a long established free enterprise economy, political and economic stability as well as safe and secure location for business, family and property.   Competitively priced utilities such as water, electricity, telephone and postal services are readily available. Foreign exchange and international money transfers are provided through commercial banks operating in the country. Comprehensively, Malawi offers investors the following:

      • Investment protection
      • Investor safety
      • Strategic location
      • Good market access
      • Attractive investment incentives
      • Safe, secure stable and profitable business environment
      • Superb physical environment
      • Educated, English speaking, skilled and readily available workforce
      • Developed financial services support
      • Institutional support




Investment Certificate Application
All investors are required to obtain an Investment Certificate before they establish their business in Malawi. Prospective investors are required to put up investments of not less than US$ 50,000 as minimum investment capital to be able to obtain an investment certificate from the Malawi Investment and Trade Center (MITC). To obtain this certificate the following should be submitted to MITC:
  • Detailed Business Proposal /Plan
  • Copy of memorandum of association
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of passport
  • Investment Application Form

The application fee for the certificate is US $200 and issuance fee is US$ 800.The Investment Approval Committee (IAC) is a committee comprising of government institutions that are intermediary organizations for investments and MITC is the secretariat of the committee and Ministry of Industry and Trade is the chair.All applications submitted to MITC are processed by the committee. Once the certificate is approved, MITC assists investors to get any additional licenses and permits that the investors might need to start their operations. Business residence permit (BRP) Once an investor obtains an investment certificate, one is required to get a Business Resident Permit that allows him/her to be based in the country to carry out his/her operations. The following documents should be submitted in duplicates for the application;

  • Detailed Business Proposal/Plan
  • Bank statements
  • Police Clearance report
  • Immigration business resident permit forms
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Medical report
  • 2 passport photos
  • Bank certified Cheque of MK 10,000 payable to Department of Immigration
  • Copy of investment Certificate
  • Photocopy of passport ID

The processing fee is MK 10,000 and the issuance fee is MK500,000.The application is submitted to MITC and then it is forwarded with a covering letter to Department of Immigration for consideration. Temporary Employment PermitFor all key and time posts there is need to obtain Temporary Employment Permits. The key post permits are valid for 2 years and renewable whilst time post can be renewed up to three times. The following documents have to be submitted in duplicates to MITC.

  • Detailed business proposal / plan
  • 2 passport photos
  • Immigration forms
  • Copy of investment certificate
  • Bank certified cheque of MK 10,000 ( application fee) payable to Department of Immigration
  • Academic qualifications

**All those on time posts need to have an understudy who has to take over the post. This has to be done after 6 years because TEPs cannot be renewed for more than 6 years. 

The applications are then submitted to MITC then forwarded to Department of Immigration with a recommendation for approval.The processing fee is MK 10,000 and the issuance fee is MK120,000.When applications are approved, the investor can proceed to open a bank account with the Malawian commercial banks and can also register with the Reserve Bank of Malawi. 


visit  Malawi Investment and Trade Center




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